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Doctors/Clinics/Low Vision Centers – Resellers/Referral Sites

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 17:17 -- avidnewmedia

Quintex Low Vision is available to help in any way possible. Here are just a few ways we can be of assistance:

  • Set doctors, clinics, or Low Vision Centers up as resellers or referral sites (call for the different levels of involvement)
  • Loan equipment for evaluations
  • Provide FREE evaluations for your clients in their home or at your office
  • Repairs/Maintenance - facilitate in getting equipment to an authorized repair center for any of your clients - in warranty or out of warranty – even if we did not sell the equipment (there may be a fee associated with this service)
  • Provide brochures and information on any of our products

Please call with questions or for more information. 800-346-7974